Canon Europe today announces a firmware update for the EOS C70 in response to user feedback. The firmware – version – offers strengthened capabilities for production workflows, alongside greater functionality for filmmakers using the EOS C70 – a versatile cinema camera that combines the powerful image quality of Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras with the outstanding RF mount found in the EOS R System.

Streamlined multi-cam production workflows

Meeting the growing demand for multi-cam production, the update includes support for Canon’s XC Protocol, allowing integration into multi-camera solutions with direct control via Canon’s RC-IP100 remote camera controller and Remote Camera Control Application. Users can seamlessly incorporate the EOS C70 into their set up, through the remote controller or Remote Camera Control Application offering the perfect tools for local or remote operation when used with Compact Servo lenses. What’s more, a new Custom Picture has been added – Canon 709 – to provide a similar look to Original Wide DR, without using super-white to avoid any potential issue with range conversion.

Enhanced production flexibility, audio and focusing functionality

Designed for filmmakers on a range of productions – including documentaries and news gathering – the firmware update also gives camera operators the ability to monitor up to four audio channels in the on-screen meter display. Powered by Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the EOS C70 now allows users to enjoy the benefits of Face and Eye Detection AF and tracking in both slow and fast shooting modes (S&F), perfect for capturing action at every pace. Alongside the current XF-AVC Intra 410Mbps, the firmware update introduces new 4K Intra recording options up to 60P/50P at 600Mbps, offering higher image quality while still retaining efficient file sizes.

Expanding compatibility across the range, the firmware update adds support for Canon’s recently released Flex Zoom Cinema lenses alongside the new Cine-Servo CN8x15 IAS S lens – ensuring optimised lens performance when combined with the EOS C70.