Canon EOS R System

Featuring our intelligent AF technology and an incredible range of RF lenses, the award-winning EOS R System offers a highly intuitive approach to photography and video, working seamlessly with you to keep you focused on your subject and your craft.

The new EOS generation. How it started, where it’s going

Discover how Canon engineers set about developing the EOS R series and its revolutionary lens mount – featuring a wider diameter, short back focus and faster communication – and get behind the scenes of this unique system which offers the best balance of mechanical, electrical and optical design – all with limitless future possibilities.

Stunning optical superiority

RF lenses offer optical excellence, incredible design and a reliable, dependable performance in all conditions.

Fast and dependable focusing

Wherever your subject is positioned, EOS R series cameras will find it thanks to sensitive and intelligent AF – whatever the conditions. Deep learning AI has been programmed with the ability to recognise people, as well as vehicles and animals, as well as locking onto the eyes, face, head or body of subjects.

Low light

Even when light levels drop it doesn’t mean you have to worry about missing the shot or reach for a flash that might spoil the mood. Canon’s image stabilisation system delivers stunning performance in the darkest conditions.

Video and stills

Canon pioneered Full HD video in a DSLR over a decade ago and now with the EOS R System is taking things into new realms, with 8K video and high-resolution stills thanks to Hybrid cameras that harness the best of all our ground-breaking technologies.

Fast moving subjects

The EOS R system redefines what’s possible with autofocus. Our subject tracking technology has set the standard for continuous AF which offers unbelievable levels of focusing accuracy.

Powerful optical and in-body Image Stabilizers

Shoot with confidence, even when conditions are against you thanks to Canon’s Optical and In-body image
stabilisation technologies.

Rock steady results on the move

Handheld long exposures need never be a concern. Thanks to cameras featuring Canon’s In-Body Image Stabilizer (IBIS) technology, they work together with compatible RF lenses to deliver up to 8-stops of stabilisation

Sure and stable video

Film with confidence even when conditions are against you with Movie Digital IS. When combined with Canon’s Optical and In-Body Image Stabilisation technologies, this extra feature adds a further layer of smoothness to your films.

Intuitive, ergonomic design

The process of capturing an image should be intuitive. Canon’s EOS R-series cameras have been designed to be in tune with your body. Our ergonomics are world renowned, bringing the camera and body together in pioneering new ways.

    • Low light
    • Video and stills
    • Fast moving subjects
    • Rock steady results on the move
    • Sure and stable video